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  State & Federally Accredited Environmental Training Providers 

Environmental Education Associates(EEA) is YOUR source for environmental testing and consulting:  

UNYSE Laboratories

UNYSE Environmental Consultants

FEHR (Family Environmental Health Resources, Inc.)

Lead Connections (healthy homes and hazard control)



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Lab & Other Services

EEA operates UNYSE, a NYS licensed and EPA certified environmental consulting firm and UNYSE Labs, an AIHA/EPA accredited laboratory testing facility.

Environmental Laboratory Services: What We Do

UNYSE is New York's premier laboratory and testing services provider. Our full service labs serve New York City and greater New York State. Our state of the art facilities and staff perform surveys, inspections and testing of lead hazards, lead based paint, mold, asbestos, radon gas, PCB's, and various hazardous materials. Many people have concerns with lead based paint poisoning or radon gas in their homes. Others may have toxic mold in their walls or lead contaminants in their water. Using reliable equipment we can identify any serious contaminants that may put you at risk.  

Check out the following links to learn more.

Lead ConnectionsEEA grants program, Lead Connections, assists property owners and contractors across New York with resources to create lead safe and healthy homes.

UNYSE Environmental Consultants: Management, Investigation, Monitoring, and Analysis for asbestos, lead, mold, and hazardous materials (hazmat).

Family Environmental Health Resources FEHR: a charitable organization that promotes programs and activities that respond to cronic health concerns among children and families.