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Course Acyronyms


AAW - Asbestos Awareness

AH - Asbestos Handler Initial

AHR - Asbestos Handler Refresher

CS - Asbestos Supervisor Initial

CSR - Asbestos Supervisor Refresher

IN - Asbestos Inspector Initial

INR - Asbestos Inspector Refresher

AS - Asbestos Sample Technician Initial

ASR - Asbestos Sample Technician Refresher

PMI - Asbestos Project Monitor Initial

PMR - Asbestos Project Monitor Refersher

OM - Asbestos Operations & Maintenance Initial

OMR - Asbestos Operations & Maintenance Refresher

MP - Asbestos Manager Planner Initial

MPR - Asbestos Manager Planner Refresher

AT - Asbestos Allied Trades Initial

ATR - Asbestos Allied Trades Refresher

PD - Asbestos Project Designer Initial

PDR - Asbestos Project Designer Refresher



LAW - Lead Awareness

LBPM - Lead Based Paint Maintenance

LBPM TT - Lead Based Paint Maintenance Train the Trainer

LDST - Lead Dust Sampling Technician

LII - Lead Inspector Initial

LIR - Lead Inspector Refresher

RRPI - Lead Renovation, Repair & Painting Initial (Renovator)

RRPR - Lead Renovator Refresher

RRPS - Lead Renovator Initial Spanish

RRPSI - Lead Renovator Refresher Spanish

LRI - Lead Risk Assessor Initial

LRR - Lead Risk Assessor Refresher

LSWP - Lead Safe Work Practices

LSI - Lead Supervisor Initial

LSR - Lead Supervsior Refresher

LWI - Lead Worker Initial

LWR - Lead Worker Refresher



MAW - Mold Awareness

MRW - Mold Remediation Worker

MRC - Mold Remediation Contractor

MAT - Mold Assessment Technician

MAC - Mold Assessment Consultant



CPR/First Aid

EHA - Environmental Health Awareness

HHP - Essentials for Healthy Homes Practitioners

GHI - Healthy Home Improvement

10hr - 10 hour OSHA Construction Safety

10hrS - 10 hour OSHA Construction Safety - Espanol

16hrPSC - 16 hour OSHA Permit Required Confined Space

30hr - 30 hour OSHA Construction Safety

OSHA 4hr Fire Safety

HazCom - 4 hour OSHA Hazard Communication

OSHA Fall Protection

RF - Radon Fundamentals

Safety Topic Specific Awareness

WW - Weatherization Worker



ES - Environmental Sampling

OHR - 8 hour HazWOper Refresher

OHI - 40 hour Hazardous Waste Operations General Site Worker

OHL - HazWOper Low Exposure Employee