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The New York Times recently ran an update article on first responders and cleanup crews affected by exposures to environmental health hazards during the 911 tragedy and subsequent cleanup. Several thousand folks have registered for the 911 Special Victims Fund, which is funded with $2.8 billion for compensation for those sickened by World Trade Center dust, smoke and fumes, or their survivors.

Those looking for some background might also take a look at Dust to Dust – Health Effects of 911, a documentary from the mid-00’s which offers detail on the types of hazards present at the site and the role that the Federal government played in addressing environmental health issues in the immediate aftermath.

The Times also ran a jaw dropping piece last Sunday (May 20, 2012) describing the situation on Treece, Kansas, a town so contaminated and dangerous that all but two inhabitants have fled. After reading the article, you can’t imagine why anyone would want to get anywhere near the place.

Music lovers will also appreciate the Times obituary on Doc Watson, the legendary bluegrass guitarist who died this week. It’s been a tough year for bluegrass, between this and the passing of Earl Scruggs. Couple hard working musicians who’ve been influential in developing this truly American music.

The environmental training season seems to have reached its peak as everyone prepares for what appears to be a pretty busy season. You’d be served to get into training no later than the end of June before attendance drops off and we have to start postponing sessions for low attendance. Here’s a few upcoming dates;

OSHA 10, Rochester, June 4-5
Lead Renovator Initial, Buffalo, June 6 and Syracuse, June 13
Asbestos Project Designer Initial, Syracuse, June 4-6

And don’t forget about your annual Asbestos Refreshers being held in Rochester next week and in Buffalo the following week.

Be Well!