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Asbestos Training Doesn’t Have to Suck

Which do you dread more? Your annual asbestos refresher(s) or your annual physical?

If you even considered saying “refresher”, you’re not getting your money’s worth.

Refreshers should be useful. You’re paying for them, after all. At EEA we want your experience in training to be worthwhile.

Maybe you’ll discover a new technique or get up to date on the latest regulatory changes or find out what/where enforcement is happening, even if that’s a ways away.

Expect to learn about what’s happening in other topics, too, including Healthy Homes, Indoor Air Quality, PCBs, Mold, Lead and OSHA Safety. Asbestos is the gold standard for environmental health mitigation and the technical skills asbestos professionals use are easily transferable to other environmental services. Your refresher is a great opportunity to see where else your expertise can be applied.

Environmental training should be informative and interesting. Time spent in training can be used to network with colleagues and to refine your technical expertise. Demand a clean, comfortable and stimulating environment that’s outfitted with all the equipment and tools you’d expect from a professional trainer. Instructors should be experienced and knowledgeable, in the technical topic area as well as adult education. Coffee and donuts help too!

We’d like you try EEA, of course. We’ve been providing certification training services since 1993 and most of our asbestos training staff have been approved asbestos instructors for over 10 years. Our administrative staff is available live (888 436 8338), during business hours, to help with registration and answer questions. Our website www.environmentaleducation.com, offers a full selection of course sessions across New York, every month. Our goal is to provide our clients with more than they expect.

In the coming months, we’ll be introducing new innovations, including access to bid documents and prospective projects, workforce development and subsidized training opportunities, as well as customer loyalty benefits and discounts. Meanwhile, you’re encouraged to check our e-library for the freshest information in the industry.