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EEA Coronavirus Update & Resources

EEA is preparing to deal with the effect that the Coronavirus crisis has had on our clients and the environmental, health & housing industry as a whole.  Our regularly scheduled training classes are suspended, consistent with the  NYS issued Executive Orders for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) .  Per that Executive Order, our facilities will be closed, notwithstanding activities that are exempt.     
The NYS Labor Department has issued the following guidance for those concerned about maintaining their asbestos & mold certifications.  EEA is approved for on-line mold refreshers.
EEA has added on-line mold refresher courses to help those who need that training soon.  Otherwise our staff will be in contact if your class is being rescheduled.  You can also reach us anytime @ 888 4ENVEDU or email.
EEA has developed a Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19) Decontamination Worker training program.  This 8 hour session is designed for contracting and cleaning firms that will be decontaminating facilities.  Additional detail can be found here.
Additional Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19)  resources are now available on our website, including the NYS GUIDANCE FOR DETERMINING WHETHER A BUSINESS ENTERPRISE IS SUBJECT TO A WORKFORCE REDUCTION UNDER EXECUTIVE ORDER 202.6   
These resources are particularly relevant to those who provide decontamination services.
We have had several requests for more detail on Anasphere Plus, the EPA approved disinfectant for Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19).  Additional information is available here.
Be careful & be well!