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Mold Combo Course (Remediation Contractor/Abatement Supervisor/Assessor)

36 hours – This combination course incorporated multiple certifications into the same presentations whereby attendees will complete the supervisor/contractor training and exam, followed immediately by the assessor training and exam. The remediation contractor and abatement worker-supervisors certification is required for those who shall engage in or supervise mold remediation activities. The assessor is designed for building specialists, environmental consultants and other professionals who will investigate and design remediation solutions for mold contamination. Includes an introduction to indoor air quality, health effects, regulations and guidelines, assessment, sampling and analysis practices, preparing mold remediation plans, remediation techniques and post-remediation assessment and clearance as well as extensive hands-on application of assessment and remediation skills.

This mold combo course will be held in New York City.

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This fee is inclusive of the Remediation Contractor and Assessor course certificates


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