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Fall ’19 Update

Apologies…It’s been a few months since we’ve had time to let folks know what’s new at EEA.  Goods new is that there’s a lot to mention.

First, we’ve completely revamped our website so that visitors learn more about our services quicker and  have a better browsing experience.  We’ve also improved the registration process, and are encouraging everyone to give it a shot.  In fact, we’re offering a 10% discount for all on-line registrations until Halloween.  Use code FALL19 at checkout.

The site now highlights what’s been keeping us busy.  Back in 2017, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) contacted EEA to provide EPA Lead Renovator certification for their maintenance and trades staff and in 2018, awarded EEA a contract to create and present mold inspection & remediation training to their development based management, maintenance and trades staff.  EEA prepared three classes, tailored to NYCHA’s specific needs, and began presentation to small groups of NYCHA staff, starting in January 2019.  To date over 3000 NYCHA staff have attended the EPA Lead Renovators and/or participated in the “Mold Busters” training in our NYC locations, most at our 76 Beaver St/Financial District training facility.  Feedback from attendees and from the Authority has been great , and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve met the deadline set under the Authority’s consent decree with the Southern District of the US District Court.    

EEA is also under contract with NYC Housing Preservation & Development (HPD) to provide EPA Lead Certification training.  HPD has been increasing the number of housing code officials who have lead training in anticipation of increased enforcement mandated by several new City lead regulations that took effect this year.  Most notable are new NYC dust standards;  Local Law 66 of 2019 outlines new lead reference/action levels and standards relating to lead-based paint hazards and as of June 12, 2019, any clearance dust tests taken must meet new clearance standards to ensure that no lead-based paint hazards remain. Lead-related dust threshold levels have been reduced as follows:

Floors:             10 ug/ft2 (reduced from 40 ug/ft2)
Window Sills:    50 ug/ft2 (reduced from 100 ug/ft2)
Window Wells:  100 ug.ft2 (reduced from 400 ug/ft2)

This should not be confused with EPA’s new lead dust hazard standards for floors (10ug/ft2) and window sills (100 ug/ft2) that take effect on December 18, 2019.  It’s important to not only note the difference between the NYC and EPA values for sills and that EPA has no well standard but that the EPA standards actually only apply to determinations of hazards (such as risk assessments) and that these new standards DO NOT APPLY TO CLEARANCE.  Let’s put it this way:

Apparently EPA evaluated the hazard standards independent of the clearance standards and determined that only the hazard standard would change at this time.  Lots more discussion on this and other developments in lead hazard control at your next class!

EEA is now offering the NYSDOL accredited “Mold Combination” course. This incorporates the worker (2 days), the supervisor/contractor (3 days) and assessor (4.5 days) into one week.  That helps everyone get the best perspective on what others are doing on the project, and creates some great opportunities for networking.  We’re also providing the common refresher for all On-line Mold Refreshers, which has the same effect on a state-wide basis.  We have had some great discussions in the classroom and on-line that have contributed to consistent practices across the State.  Way to think outside the box NYSDOL Division of Safety & Health Mold Program.

Asbestos training has dropped off a bit.  We’re not seeing as many attendees to both initials and refreshers.  We have heard from several employers that there’s a shortage of asbestos workers and supervisors, and have been working with Empire Building Diagnostics, Inc. (EBD) and MRBS Inc. to recruit and train individuals for jobs with that firm and are discussing similar community training efforts with People United for Sustainable Housing (PUSH) to prepare folks for new opportunities in environmental sustainability. 

We’re happy to discuss how we might help your organization with your recruiting, training and placement efforts or design and present training specific to your organization.    

Here are some important upcoming classes:

Lead Inspector Certification in Manhattan – October 15-17, 2019
Asbestos Project Designer Initial in Buffalo – October 16-18, 2019
Asbestos Inspector & Management Planner Refreshers in Manhattan – October 18, 2019
Lead Abatement Supervisor/Contractor Initial in Buffalo – October 22-25, 2019
Mold Combination Course in Manhattan – October 28- November 1, 2019

We’re also looking for some help.  If you’re interested in becoming a trainer, check out what it’ll take here.