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Family Environmental Health Resources

The mission of Family Environmental Health Resources, Inc. (FEHR) is to promote and improve the environmental health of Western New York residents. FEHR is a charitable organization and will be authorized to seek funding from a variety of sources for the purposes of developing and/or promoting programs and activities that will enhance the infrastructure and capacity of the community to respond to chronic and emergent environmental health concerns.

Sources for Seeking Funding Include:

  • Private foundations
  • Corporate donations
  • Government grants and contracts
  • Individual memberships and contributions

FEHR is dedicated to working with individuals and entities in the primary prevention of exposure of children and families to environmental risks, including the stabilization of hazards, education and outreach.

Contact Us to Learn More About FEHR and Environmental Education Associates

If your organization would like a presentation on healthy homes and workplaces, contact Mary Fisher at mfisher@environmentaleducation.com. She’ll be happy to get back to you shortly with more information.