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Here’s a few questions to test your knowledge of the environmental cleanup industry. Send us your answers for a chance to win a prize if they’re all right!

OSHA 29 CFR 1926.1101 (asbestos) requires that owners of buildings constructed no later than 1980:

a. Provide ongoing air monitoring of all ACM.
b. Label all asbestos containing materials in their structure.
c. Remove all friable asbestos.
d. Inform their employees who will work in or adjacent to areas containing PACM about the
known or presumed presence of asbestos containing materials

Which information is a physician NOT allowed to provide to your employer in his/her
written opinion:

a. Your general fitness for duty
b. Your cholesterol count
c. Your ability to safely wear a respirator
d. Recommendations on limitations to employee’s assigned work

All asbestos waste must be removed from the worksite:

a. Within 10 calendar days after successful completion of Phase IIC for all regulated
abatement work areas at the site
b. Within 5 calendar days after successful completion of Phase IIC for all regulated
abatement work areas at the site
c. Immediately upon successful completion of Phase IIC for all regulated abatement work
areas at the site
d. At the discretion of the waste transporter

What three elements does ignition need to occur?

a. Solid – liquid – gas.
b. Oxygen – appliances – light switch.
c. Oxygen – fuel – heat.
d. None of the above

NYS ICR 56 “In-plant Operations” exempts eligible parties from all of the following provisions of the State standard except:

a. Worksite preparation
b. Personal decontamination units
c. Negative air exhaust filtration
d. Air monitoring

Which of the following is the major route of entry into the body for mold?

a. Through the respiratory system
b. Absorption through the skin
c. Through the digestive tract
d. None of the above

Mold consists of long, branch, threadlike strings of cells called:

a. Mushrooms
b. Septa
c. Citin
d. Hyphae

Minor repair and maintenance activities are exempt from the EPA’s Renovators Rule if they:

a. disturb less than 6 square feet of interior painted surfaces per room and less than 20
square feet on exterior work
b. include windows by replacement
c. disturb less than 2 square feet per room of interior painted surfaces or 10 square feet of
exterior painted surfaces
d. there are no exemptions

Containment during a soil lead abatement project should be comprised of:

a. Temporary fencing, yellow caution tape and lead warning signs.
b. Chain link fence and a decontamination buffer zone.
c. A staging area, exclusion zone and decontamination station.
d. No containment is necessary for soil abatement projects.

Per 40 CFR 745.220 a “ Lead Abatement Report” is prepared:

a. At the request of the owner
b. At the request of the residents
c. In advance of the project
d. After completion of project

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