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Lead Dust Sampling FAQ’s

Lead Dust Sampling Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the regulatory difference between dust testing and clearance?

The important difference is examined when the results are in. Dust wipe testing culminates in reporting the results to the owners and occupants, regardless of the values relative to the EPA hazard standards. Clearance, on the other hand, requires that the Renovator “pass” the EPA hazards standards of 40, 250 & 400 ug/f2 for the floors, sill and wells respectively.
The EPA explains that information on results of dust sampling testing is likely to improve landlords and occupants awareness of dust-lead hazards. Per EPA, “It will also greatly improve their ability to make further risk management decisions”. As such, the owner can’t hold the Renovator to the hazard standards unless they’ve specified such in their contract agreement.
DWT and clearance must be performed by someone who has passed the EPA Dust Sampling Technician certification.
How many samples should be submitted to the lab for clearance for a project in 5 rooms?
13 samples plus 1 blank for a renovation clearance Floor, Windowsill, Window Trough from each room (12, if each room has these) and outside work area sample (1) and a blank (1). 13 samples + 1 Blank
Can a Renovator clear his own projects? How?
Yes, a Renovator can conduct post renovation evaluation on his/her own projects but there needs to be sufficient training before the clearance can be done. The dust wipe testing needs to be performed by a person who has successfully completed the EPA Dust Sampling Technician certification, a one day course presented by an EPA accredited trainer. EPA certified Inspectors and Risk Assessors can also serve as this role.
How does the UNYSE Labs Lead Wipe Kit work?
The kit gives homeowners and contractors the ability to conduct wipe samplings after lead safe work practices that meet HUD & EPA requirements and regulations. The cost is $195 and everything that is needed for the sampling is included. These items include wipes, tubes, gloves, chain of custody, and other sampling forms; everything you need to perform your sampling quickly and efficiently. EEA also includes a UPS shipping box for easy, convenient, and reliable service. Once the sampling is received at the lab, the results will be analyzed and processed within 72 hours. Once your samples arrive a new kit will be mailed so you never miss an opportunity to perform a clearance. This kit and service is USEPA, NLLAP, and AIHA approved.
The UNYSE Labs “do it yourself” lead dust sampling kit is a must need item for all contractors and home renovators. This convenient kit makes sampling easy along with the knowledge that you can rest easy with the UNYSE Lab processing your results. The leader in environmental testing analysis throughout New York State.