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New Initiative Aims to Put Former Inmates In Positions to Succeed

A new program is looking to reduce the number of repeat offenders by getting convicts ready to work after serving their time.

Acting U.S. Attorney James Kennedy Jr. launched the Smart on Crime Initiative Thursday.

He says he wants to deter crime and see fewer people go back to prison by offering job training at places like Environmental Education Associates, where Thursday’s press conference took place.

One man says after spending 16 years in prison, he was happy for the help.

“It just expands the different things that I can do once I’m able to get out and about so anything I can do to expand my chances of getting gainfully employed I’m all for that,” former inmate Rodney Sheard said.

The Smart on Crime Initiative also will fund after school programs for at risk youth and make sure low-level offenders receive just punishments.

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