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New This Fall

EEA will be introducing three new services this fall to assist property owners, contractors, employers, job seekers and other organizations involved in the environmental and construction industry.

1. Project Leads – we’ll be maintaining records of asbestos, hazmat, IAQ, lead, mold and other environmental projects that are pending, in design or out for bid. Course attendees are welcome to review these records on day(s) of training.

2. Workforce Support – EEA has a ton of experience working with organizations that can help. We’ve brought in over $10 million in private and public funding for environmental health and community development over the past ten years. We’ll be using this expertise to connect individuals and agencies, and employers with prospective employees.

3. E-Certs – Effective 9/6/11, all training certificates and/or proof of training completion will be emailed or made available on last day of training. E-certs can’t be lost! (unless your email goes down). Click here for more details.

We’ll be sure to keep you abreast of these developments. Send us an email with comments or suggestions.