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New Year’s Greetings

2017 ended with a bang, compliments of the 9th Federal Circuit Court .  The justices issued a decision today directing the federal EPA to move forward expeditiously on a long-stalled petition to update the standards on lead in dust and the definition of lead-based paint.  The decision can be obtained here.

The current standard of 40 ug/ft2 on floors and 250 ug/ft2 on sills was set back in 2001,  and may be revised consistent with standards currently used by HUD Office Of Healthy Homes & Lead Hazard Control (OHHLHC) which applies a hazard level at 10ug/ft2 for floors and 100 mg/ft2 for window sills for risk assessments and clearance complete under the Lead Hazard Control grant programs.

This comes on the heels of the news that the New York City Housing Authority had failed to provide Federally mandated disclosure to tenants.  The NYC Department of Investigations report can be found here.  NYCHA is expected to comply with the a series of recommendations that include completing additional assessment and abatement projects along with increased oversite of lead hazard control.

Better news from EEA.  In 2017, we were approved by NYSDOL to provide two new (versions) of our accredited mold courses:

On-line Mold Refreshers – Live webinar-based presentations are now available on a regular basis (including this Friday).   No commute!

Mold Combination Certification – mold abatement worker, mold remediation contractor (& supervisor) and mold assessor certifications are now available in 4.5 days.  Get it all done at once!

Speaking of NYC, the City Council is considering establishing a local law to govern mold abatement & remediation, by establishing City notification and violation requirements.  The proposed rule creates a Mayors task force to help implement the new requirements.

We’re offering a full schedule of certification and recertification sessions.  Here’s the January offerings:

01/04/18 Asbestos Abatement Project Designer Refresher, Buffalo NY
01/05/18 Online NYSDOL Mold Refresher
01/08/18 Lead Renovator Initial, Buffalo NY
01/09/18 Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor Refresher, Buffalo NY
01/10/18 Asbestos Worker/Handler Refresher, Buffalo NY
01/10/18 Mold Refresher. Latham-Manfred Real Estate Learning Center, Latham NY
01/11/18 Lead Renovator Refresher, Buffalo NY
01/12/18 Asbestos Air Sampling Technician Refresher, Buffalo NY
01/12/18 Asbestos Project Monitor Refresher, Buffalo NY
01/13/18 Lead Renovator Initial, Herkimer-Herkimer College, Herkimer NY
01/15/18 Lead Abatement Supervisor Refresher, Buffalo NY
01/15/18 Mold Refresher, Rochester NY
01/15/18 Lead Renovator Initial, NYC-SLC Conference Center, New York NY
01/16/18 Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor Refresher, Rochester NY
01/17/18 Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Refresher, Rochester NY
01/18/18 Lead Renovator Initial, Rochester NY
01/19/18 Lead Renovator Refresher, Rochester NY
01/22/18 – 01/26/18 Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor Initial, Rochester NY
01/22/18 – 01/25/18 Mold Assessor, Buffalo NY
01/23/18 – 01/26/18 Asbestos Worker/Handler Initial,  Rochester NY
01/23/18 Mold Refresher, Ronkonkoma NY

Check our website for new dates and courses.  With locations across New York, and now on-line, EEA is the EEAsy choice for environmental certification training

Questions, comments or feedback, contact us at training@environmentaleducation.com or 888 346 8338.

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