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NYS Mold Classes Open for Registration

We’re super pleased to announce that the NYS Department of Labor has approved our application for Mold Accreditation.

EEA is now fully accredited to offer the following certification training courses:

Mold Assessor (4 days)
Mold Remediation Contractor (3 days)
Mold Abatement Worker (2 days).

Be first! Register now for upcoming sessions in Brooklyn, Buffalo, Manhattan, Queens, Rochester & Utica.

NYS Mold Regulations take effect January 1, 2016. Per that regulation, it shall be unlawful for anyone to engage in mold assessment, mold remediation or abatement unless that individual has a valid NYS certification.

Take a look at the NYS Mold Legislation or view our Intro to NYS Mold at www.EnvironmentalEducation.com