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NYS Mold Refreshers – now online


Here’s a brand new time and money savings opportunity for EEA customers ONLY.

EEA is pleased to now offer the New York State mold refresher training online via live webinar.  The 4-Hour bi-annual mold refresher requirements can now be met in front of your computer screen*.

Register for one of our upcoming live webinar refreshers at EnvironmentalEducation.comor contact our office at 888 4 envedu. Here’s the next few dates:

October 5 – 8:30am-12:30pm
October 11 – 8am-12pm
October 20- 8:30am-12:30pm
October 24 – 1pm-5pm
November 1 – 1pm-5pm

EEA is the FIRST and ONLY New York State accredited training provider to offer online live webinar refreshers.  We are opening registration for the first sessions for only those that attended our initial mold courses.  If you register for one of our October sessions, you can save $10 by using the discount code EEAsy.  Space is limited, so register now!

It’s so EEAsy!

*Visit https://environmentaleducation.com for details

Be well!