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OSHA Ramps up Residential Construction Safety

OSHA has set its enforcement sights on construction safety during residential home improvement and maintenance projects. Heads up contractors, property managers and other building professionals!

EEA reported on the new residential fall protection requirements a few weeks back. Now we are hearing from contractors, community groups and trade organizations that OSHA intends to tighten up oversight of the residential construction, an industry that has not yet seen the degree of attention that OSHA pays to the commercial construction and manufacturing industries.

An estimated 1.6 million Americans are employed in the construction industry, half of which work in residential construction. Each year, roughly 38,000 construction injuries are reported, with some 21,000 involving days away from work. Many OSHA standards apply to residential construction for the prevention of possible fatalities. Check out our library for links to OSHA’s residential construction page.

NYC already requires that all site crew complete the OSHA 10hr construction safety course and that site supervisors complete the 40 hour site supervisor training. NYS requires the “OSHA 10” for all site staff on public works projects that exceed $250,000.00.

EEA offers the OSHA 10 & 30 hr courses with staff Outreach Trainers from the Atlantic OSHA Training Center. We also provide topic specific training in fall protection, confined space and awareness training for specific environmental hazards such as asbestos, lead and mold.