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Our Last Message….


Here’s a couple tidbits that have crossed our desk this week;

1. The EPA is in the process of changing third party testing vendors. Prometric Testing Center will no longer administer/honor EPA exams as of 12/31/11. Those who have applications into EPA for Lead Abatement Worker, Supervisor, Inspector or Risk Assessor are strongly advised to contact EPA Headquarters (202-566-1243).

2. FY 2012 HUD OHHLHC NOFA has been modified. We received this revised language today (12/8/11):

“b. Narrative Response. The narrative to the Rating Factors is limited to a maximum of 20 pages (excluding appendices, budget forms/narrative, and worksheets) of size 8-1/2 x 11 using a 12-point (minimum) font, double-spaced, with margins not less than 1 inch on all sides. While the 20-page rating factor response does not include attachments, tables, appendices, and other required forms, the applicant should not rely on excessive appendices to address the rating factors – this information should be clearly described in the rating factor narrative. Applicants should be aware that any narrative information submitted in response to the Rating Factors that exceeds the 20-page limit will not be reviewed.”

3. EEA will be holding an Asbestos Project Monitor Certification Dec 22-23 & Dec 28-30, 2011. We’ve broken the session up into two weeks to accommodate the 12/26/11 holiday.

4. Breaking news…check out this front page article on lead from old batteries in today’s NY Times.

And in closing…we’re going to suspend our weekly emails until the New Year. It’s impossible to compete with the dozens of holiday related emails that seem to appear all day, every day.