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Here’s a quick update on the latest asbestos, lead and mold regulatory developments…

Asbestos – the DOL is not requiring notification fees for “certain projects” (i.e. projects done on behalf of city, town, village or county when specific conditions exist).  Contractors must submit an “Asbestos Project Notification Fee Waiver Request & Certification” form with every project. This is good news for municipalities that are dealing with a glut of dilapidated housing.  Here’s a link to more information for contractors and municipalities.

Lead in Drinking Water– On September 6, 2016, the Governor signed emergency legislation (S.8158/A.10740) mandating that schools across the state test drinking water for lead contamination. NYSDOH 67.4 obligates school districts to test drinking water for lead immediately and have results posted by the end of the year.  Elementary schools must be sampled by 10/1/16 and secondary schools by 11/1/16.  Schools districts across the State are frantically working to meet the deadlines and labs are experiencing tremendous demand for analysis.

Lead Based Paint Hazard Control – EPA has fully implemented the online certification application via CDX.  Inspectors, risk assessors, workers and supervisors must now apply through CDX for initial and refresher individual certifications, which entail creating a CDX password/user name and uploading photographs and certificates.  Difficult for sure, but not impossible, apparently.  Renovation, abatement and evaluation firms must also apply online and should keep in mind that the individual certifications and firm certifications may expire on different cycles.  This has been a problem for many renovation firms, who’s individual certifications were extended by EPA but who’s firm certification was not.  Take a look at each and make sure they’re both current!

Mold – The State has updated the website to include FAQ  “Minimum Work Standards”.  DOL continues to work on the regulation which should be out soon and ready for public comment.  We’ll let you know when that breaks.

Meanwhile, EEA has a full schedule of upcoming sessions.  Here’s a rundown on what’s imminent:

Asbestos Handler Initial, Buffalo, New York; September 27-30
Lead Abatement Worker Initial, Rochester, New York; September 27-28
Lead Inspector Refresher, Rochester, New York; September 29
Lead Risk Assessor Refresher, Rochester, New York; September 30
Asbestos Inspector Initial, Buffalo, New York; October 3-5
Mold Assessor Initial, Utica, New York; October 4-7

Registration is EEAsy at our new (and improved) website

Be well!