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Mold Information and Cleanup Guides

Prolonged periods of dampness and moisture can create an environment where mold can spread, affecting building materials like drywall, structural wood, and interior furnishings like carpet and furniture. The spores from mold can infect airways in buildings creating respiratory and other health risks to building inhabitants. Mold in a residence or commercial building can become a serious health hazard and must be remediated. Here are some links to various guides provided by government agencies which explain the origins of mold, its possible health risks, and what actions are taken to remove mold problems.


Federal Guidelines for the safe Handling and Removal of Mold

U.S Department of Labor (DOL) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

State Regulations

The TMARR are part of the Texas Administrative Code (TAC), specifically TAC 295.301-295.338


Municipal Guidelines for the safe handling and Removal of Mold

NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene