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It’s been ten (10) years since EEA acquired Envotech, a Rochester-based training provider, and 2015 will mark ten (10) years in our Austin Street headquarters. We’re pretty happy with our accomplishments to date and look forward to many more years as environmental certification training providers and consultants. That makes us old, oldest in Upstate New York, in fact.

This is particularly relevant given recent news out of Tacoma, Washington, where yet another environmental training provider has been prosecuted for fraudulent training. The Seattle Times article details the types of illegal practices that get folks in big trouble. And that includes those who’ve attended fraudulent training. The State of Washington now has to deal with thousands of former students who’s certifications may be invalid. Frightful!

My suggestion. Get your training done with a stable provider that’s here for the long haul. Our experienced and knowledgeable administrative and instructional staff will make sure you get what you need now and will be around later to help with ongoing support.

Here’s a few dates to make that keep happening:

Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor Initial Certification, October 27-31 in Rochester or November 3-7 in Buffalo

Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor Refresher, November 4 in Rochester or November 11 in Buffalo

Asbestos Handler Refresher, November 12 in Buffalo

Asbestos Project Designer Refresher, November 14 in Rochester (with AIA credits)

Lead Renovator Initial Certification, November 5 in Rochester or November 14 in Utica

Lead Renovator Refresher, November 13 in Buffalo