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STOP Lead Poisoning in New York State NOW

Show your support…sign our petition to Governor Cuomo and Attorney General Schneiderman to adopt the EPA Lead Certification program

Thousands of children and adults in New York are unnecessarily exposed to lead based paint hazards because the State does not have a system in place to ensure that those conducting residential and commercial renovations or lead abatement are qualified to use lead safe work practices, in spite of Federal requirements.  Oversight has defaulted to EPA, which lacks the resources to support lead hazard control in New York.  EPA will assist the State to adopt the certification program if the Governor and Attorney General notify EPA that New York is ready, willing and able to operate the program.  NYS already operates similar environmental certification programs and could easily take on this task, at little or no expense. Tell Governor Cuomo and Attorney General Schneiderman to STOP lead poisoning in New York NOW!