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Work’s Heatin’ Up

Happy Holiday!
Summer’s here and everybody’s busy.  Make sure you take good care of yourself and co-workers with plenty of water and shade.  Remember,

heat exhaustion is best treated with water, or electrolyte-enhanced liquid, and frequent breaks, at least until you’re acclimated.  Heat stroke is a life-threatening condition that could involve lack of consciousness.  You have to go through heat exhaustion to get to heat stroke, so pay attention to the symptoms and you’ll be ok.   Check out OSHA’s Campaign to Prevent Heat Illness in Outdoor Workers here.
EEA has added a last minute Asbestos Handler Certification, beginning July 8 through July 11 in Buffalo.  We only have 4 seats left.
Here’s more upcoming sessions:
Asbestos Supervisor Refresher, July 8 in Rochester
Asbestos O&M Refresher, July 9 in Rochester
Asbestos Supervisor  Refresher, July 15 in Buffalo
Asbestos Worker Refresher, July 16 in Buffalo
Asbestos Inspector Refresher, July 17 in Buffalo
A quick reminder to Lead Renovators that certification expires 5 years from the date of your previous training.  Better check your expiration and schedule your refresher now!
Enjoy the season!