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EEA Friends and Links

Environmental Education Associates has partnered with the following organizations to make specialized services available to our clientele. These services relate to our work and pair hand in hand with our goals of educating people to create healthier homes and safer environments.

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In addition to this website link, each EEA course attendee receives a “Paperwork” folder that highlights these vendors and includes specimens, coupons and information specific to each course. This gives them an opportunity to gain resources and connections as they earn their certifications and offers you a chance to gain new customers! It’s a seamless place to advertise to those who will best use your services or products.

Become Part of the Paperwork Folder Today

If your organization would like to be included in the next publication of our Paperwork folder, contact us at info@environmentaleducation.com to learn more and ask any questions you may have. And see what our folder looks like and where your ad could go by looking below.