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Meet Environmental Education’s Instructors

We have several instructors and guest instructors on our team to provide the best education in each of our courses and certification programs. Learn more about Environmental Education’s instructors and enroll in one of our courses to start earning your certification.

Andrew McLellan, President

Headshot of Andrew Mclellan, president

Andrew McLellan founded Environmental Education Associates (EEA) in 1992 to provide environmental certification training for personnel involved in the environmental cleanup industry. He is the training director for EEA’s accredited asbestos, lead, hazardous materials, mold and safety training programs. He is responsible for design and implementation of several innovative training programs, including recent programs in healthy homes and weatherization training.

Andy has been involved in numerous work force development initiatives, dating from the mid-90’s when EEA worked with agencies to train and place individuals with local contractors. Most recently, the EEA has begun working with the Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo and the Employment Opportunity Council (EOC) at the University of Buffalo to train twenty-eight individuals with residential home improvement contractors involved in healthy homes and lead hazard control. EEA also works closely with local employment agencies to make opportunities for positions available during and after training.

Mr. McLellan is grant director for EEA and has helped to secure over $8,000,000 in public and private funding to facilitate healthy homes and lead hazard control throughout New York State. Andy is an appointee to the NYS Governor’s Advisory Board for Lead Poisoning Prevention and a board member of the nationally recognized Lead & Environmental Hazards Association (LEHA). He also serves as President of Family Environmental Health Resources, Inc, a 501c3 corporation dedicated to improving the environmental health of Western New York residents.

Paul “Frenchy” Reid, Staff Instructor

headshot of Paul Reid, staff instructor

Paul joined the Environmental Education Associates staff in 2000 after many years as laborer and supervisor of asbestos abatement, dating to the early ’90s.

He is a certified asbestos air sampling technician, inspector, manager/planner, project monitor and project designer. He has completed hundreds of site-based services for public, private, residential and commercial clientele.

Paul is a NYSDOH-approved instructor in our asbestos training programs, specializing in work practices and hands-on activities. He trains hundreds of asbestos personnel each year, including inmates in the NYS Correctional System under special contract with the State of New York.

Paul graduated from McDonald College of McGill University.

David Wells, Staff Instructor

Headshot of David Walls, staff instructor

David joined the EEA staff in 2020. He has over 30 years of experience in asbestos and lead consulting, construction materials testing, geotechnical engineering and business management and administration.  He is a certified asbestos project designer, contractor/supervisor, project monitor and inspector; and a certified code enforcement official.

Dave has completed hundreds of asbestos inspection, monitoring and design projects and lead-based paint inspections and risk assessments.  He has also project managed dozens of asbestos, lead, materials testing and engineering projects throughout New York State.

David is a NYSDOH- approved instructor in our asbestos safety training certification program and has over 15 years of course instruction experience.

John Glavin, Guest Instructor

Headshot of Josh Galvin, guest instructor

John joined our staff in 2005 after several years as an asbestos abatement supervisor. His abatement experience includes the complete range of asbestos removal projects as laborer, supervisor and project manager.

John’s expertise includes asbestos inspections, project monitoring and clearance evaluation. He is a certified asbestos air sampling technician, inspector, project monitor and project designer. He has completed hundreds of site-based services for public, private, residential and commercial clientele as technician, supervisor and field services manager. As asbestos field manager for UNYSE, John supervises a staff of fifteen technicians, project monitors and administrative staff. He has personally managed over 2000 separate asbestos abatement projects since 2006.

John is a NYSDOH-approved instructor in our asbestos training programs, specializing in work practices and hands-on activities.

Mark Gonzalez, Guest Instructor

headshot Mark Gonzalez, guest instructor

Mark joined EEA in 1999 after several years as asbestos, lead & hazardous materials worker and supervisor. He has extensive field experience in asbestos and lead abatement in a variety of public, private, large and small settings.

Mark is bi-lingual in English and Spanish and serves as a lead instructor in our English and Spanish asbestos, lead, safety and hazardous materials training courses.

Jack P. Weisenborn, Guest Instructor

Jack Weisenborn earned two masters degrees from the State University New York at Buffalo. He brings 35 years experience in teaching health, safety and technology.

His professional practice of public agency facilities management work is widely recognized across New York State, including the N.Y.S. Education Department. He has performed over 100 school AHERA inspections/management plans and supervised large asbestos projects under multi-million-dollar capital construction projects. He writes health and safety grants, and teaches at the University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education.

Mr. Weisenborn offers great depth of knowledge, high professional standards, ethics, and reliability. He has spoken at numerous national & state conferences and has published several articles.

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