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OSHA Safety Course Descriptions

Construction Site Safety

10 Hours — For workers on new construction sites, demolition jobs and major renovation projects. Includes basic safety and health hazards associated with construction work, and overview of OSHA and hazard-specific awareness.

30 Hours — For foremen, site supervisors, project managers and safety representatives on new construction sites, demolition jobs and major renovation projects. Includes in-depth instruction on a variety of relevant topics for those who coordinate work-site safety, supervise site personnel or provide toolbox safety training.

OSHA 10 Salud Y Seguridad En La Industria De La Construcción (OSHA 10 Hr. Construction Site Safety in Spanish)

10 horas es el curso de OSHA de Salud y Seguridad en la industria de la construcción, enseña a los reglamentos y las normas de OSHA que se aplican a la industria de la construcción. El curso cubre las prácticas de identificación, reducir, eliminar y reportar riesgos en el lugar de trabajo. También enseña la conciencia de seguridad y ayuda a los trabajadores a reconocer y reducir los riesgos en el lugar de trabajo.

Confined Space

16 Hours — For general and construction industry personnel who encounter OSHA-defined confined spaces. Includes a mix of presentations and practical exercises such as hazard recognition, health effects, testing procedures and the responsibilities of the entrant, attendant and supervisor.

Topic-Specific Training

2-8 Hours — Federal safety standards stipulate that those engaged in site-based activities demonstrate competence in health and safety matter specific to their task. Awareness presentations are tailored for groups who need specialized training in areas such as the following:

Environmental: Asbestos, Lead, Mold, Radon, Bio-Hazards

Health & Safety: Hazard Communication, Personal Protective Equipment, Electrical Safety, Fall Protection, Safe Work Practices