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USEPA/USOSHA Hazmat Course Descriptions

EEA’s Hazmat Courses & Trainings

Environmental Education Associates offers several USEPA and USOSHA approved hazmat courses across New York State. Learn more about the courses and trainings we offer in hazardous waste handling, exposure protocol and environmental sampling, available both online and off.

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Hazardous Waste Operations

  • 40 Hours — For technical/field personnel involved in site activities, including site characterizations, field investigation, and remediation operations. Includes introduction to HAZWOPER, hazard recognition, personal protective equipment, exposure assessment and decontamination. Designed to provide workers with training specific to the types of health and safety hazards present at regulated work sites.

Environmental Sampling

  • 24 Hours — For site technicians collecting air, water, soil, sediment and other material samples, and who perform monitoring for atmospheric hazards. Includes testing, methods, and protocol for performing compliance, enforcement, assessment and inspection-related sampling using a variety of media.

Low Exposure Employee

  • 24 Hours — For personnel with minimal exposure to hazardous substances and/or atmospheres, including staff involved in over-sight or management of site that contain higher safety risks. This training focuses on hazard recognition and personnel protective equipment for lower concentration hazards than that covered in the associated 40-Hour course.

Annual Health and Safety Refresher

  • 8 Hours — Attending a HAZMAT refresher updates initial certification training regardless of initial completion date. Refresher training must be completed within 12 months of site activity to remain current. Content is tailored to the specific needs of attendees and includes updates on regulations, technology and other new developments.

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